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Sustainability at Rooipad Boerdery, SA

At Parallel, sustainability, people an culture are crucial to our business. Here’s a look at the Rooipad Boerdery farm, in the Northern Cape of South Africa.

Housing is provided for all permanent and seasonal workers. Each property is subject to annual inspection, maintenance and repair. Services include kitchenette, bathroom, toilet, hot water and electricity.

Education is recognised as fundamental to support families. Creches are provided for children aged 3 – 6 years. Older children are provided with ‘after school’ care with homework support as part of an accredited scheme. A qualified teacher is employed by the business.

Team Sports is as an integral part of the worker community, football and netball teams flourish on the farm. The Rooipad Sports ground hosts annual competitions that are well attended with prizes for winners and participants alike.

Fitness is present in the form of a refurbished gymnasium, that accommodates 60 staff members. The gym is well attended and run by a workers’ committee.

Singing is a big part of South African culture and there are active choirs on the farm. The staff community centre hosts practice sessions and an annual competition. This year’s annual competition boasted over 130 participants and over 300 spectators.

Health services are provided by appointed nurses employed by the farm. Access to the clinic is free of charge for all employees. Newly appointed workers are offered medical screening.

Managing Covid19 – The following measures have been implemented by the farm to protect its workers:

  • Daily temperature screening.
  • Hand washing and sanitation.
  • Masks and visors
  • Fresh air systems in the packing facilities. The air is changed every 30 minutes opposed to being recycled.
  • Testing facilities and quarantine protocol.

The Needlework Initiative was pioneered by the workers committee and a lady called Confidence Moremi (an employee of the farm for over 23 years) with a view to helping people develop skills that can provide additional income. The needlework project, known as AGANANG was founded in 2015 and now markets its products under the name of CM Designs. The portfolio of products created now includes face coverings to help curb the spread of Covid 19. These are purchased by the farm and also neighboring businesses.

Conservation is key with a 7,000ha conservation area maintained by the farm. The conservation area is home to an abundance of wildlife that can thrive in a safeguarded environment. Specific on-site studies include:

  • The ecological value of the Aardwolf in semi-arid climates.
  •  Understanding the impact of termites in rangelands.

The farm thrives, through commitment and investment; giving to our people to ensure that they can have a well balanced lifestyle.

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